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Made to Measure suits without the big price tag

The #1 custom suits and shirts in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) by rating.

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Enter the world of

exquisite craftsmanship

Welcome to the world of made-to-measure, where personalized luxury awaits.

A million ways to make it yours. Discover where your distinctive taste takes you.

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For more packages or wedding party pricing, please call or email us.


Made-to-Measure Summer Package

All Custom Made-to-Measure:

• Suit
• Dress Shirt
• Short Sleeve Shirt

• Casual Trousers

• Blazer


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How it works


Schedule an appointment

Set a time to meet one on one with our style consultants at our showroom storefront. 

Our location is conveniently found near QEW and Erin Mills.


Personalized consultation

At our showroom or your preferred location, choose your fabric through our wide collection, colour, pattern, texture, and everything else with one of our experts.


Measurements taken

A thorough checklist of measurements ensures that your garment is made specifically to your unique dimensions.


An illustrative software enables your posture to be taken into account.



Select the personal features to complete the look you’re going for.


With a large selection of personalizations, your project is one of a kind, as unique as you.


Garment creation

Our turnaround period is:

Standard: 4-6 weeks (depending on priority and group size) 

Rushed: 3 weeks (rush order fee) 

Wedding parties: 6-7 weeks


Garments are made in Turkey, Italy, and England. All our jackets/blazers are hand finished, and half or full canvas.


Perfect fit guarantee

Our experts will point out all details alongside our on-site tailors for any possible alterations.


These adjustments require only a couple of days. Otherwise, your garment is ready to wear out the door!

Tailors & alterations on site

Pressing on site

Mobile showroom and fittings

Appointment only showroom

Wedding garments

Your love is unique—and we think your suit should be as well.

Bring your groomsmen too. We take care of everything from the right amount of matching down to the unique personalized gifts. 

Your special day starts with an immaculate outfit. 

Gents Business

Business garments

Personalize your work attire whether casual or formal. Durability & style with no compromises in between.

Made-to-measure business garments make sure you always look the sharpest in the room. 

Casual garments

Made-to-measure casual garments means the perfect fit no matter the occasion. Date night, Sunday brunch, golf in the sun - anywhere.

Capture your essence on your time off with personalized casual garments.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have wedding party packages?
    Yes we offer two popular wedding party packages *4 suits purchase minimum. Our Custom Wedding Package is fully custom made to measure offering the full experience. Our second package is a cost saving Tailored to fit package, made to each individuals measurements using our quality fabrics but with no customizations . We also offer packages for just suits, as well as a package for destination looks (trousers, custom shirts, suspenders), and groomsmen gift packages (Custom shirt, Silk tie and Pocket square)
  • Are there any hidden cost?
    Transparency is a must with our team at Gents Custom Wear. The only add-on surcharges are for: - Vests/waistcoats - Special Custom Liners (10-15 photos for the inside suit collage) - Special Custom Embroidery (e.g. logos or emblems)
  • What are your prices?
    We offer a wide range of fabrics and custom options. Majority of our fabrics are in the price range quotes below. We offer different packages for individuals buying one, two and/or more custom suits and shirts.
  • Can you split the individual packages across 2 or more people? (e.g. Knight, King, Checkmate)
    No, as we offer these packages for one set of measurements when individuals are purchasing two or more garments. We save time on the back end of production when we cut and make patterns for one set of measurements.
  • Can I just walk in?
    We work on an appointment basis to offer you undivided attention. For spontaneous visits, please book online or give us a call, and we will try our best to accommodate.
  • How do payments work?
    Payment made upon order when measurements are taken. We guarantee the quality and fit, so we offer complimentary minor alterations with our in-house tailors when your garment is ready in 4-5 weeks. Perfect fit is guaranteed!
  • How long to appointments take?
    Meet & greet with no commitments: 15-30min (phone call or in person) 1-on-1 first fittings: 45min-1hr *deposit required. Group fittings (wedding party of 4-8 people) 1.5-2.5hrs *deposits required.
  • What is your perfect fit guarantee?
    In the case any alterations are needed, we take care of it with our in-house tailors at no extra charge. Our perfect fit guarantee is extended three months after pickup. We will happily accommodate as we leave extra material for the longevity of our garments. Fit is King!
  • How quick are alterations done after the try-ons?
    We are quite blessed to have an amazing and efficient team of in-house tailors. We usually work in priority: 1-2 hours for rush orders. 1-2 days priority orders. 1 week for “take your time."
  • I live far away, can I or one of my groomsmen email you measurements to have a suit made?
    Yes we do it all the time! We have the understanding and know-how to fit any body type. A detailed measurement guide and an added virtual consultation to ensure your fit, personality, and desires go into every garment. We also offer a final fitting at no extra cost should your garments need alterations. Please email us for more info.
  • Where are the garments made?
    Our fabrics are sourced and manufactured in Turkey, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and England. We also offer a Made in Canada bespoke program. Our fabrics are structured accordingly: 80% of fabrics: “the bread and butter” are sourced from mills in Turkey, Super 150s and 120s, as we find it the best in quality and price. You will see our price list built around that. We have our quality Merino Wools and Linens sourced from New Zealand, Australia or Italy – Slightly Higher in price (+$100-$150) And our most premium fabrics are our Savile Row fabrics (less then 5% of our collection) which will be significantly more ($+600) if you are looking for something special.


An elevated experience of all things luxury

Every detail accounted for.

Every garment uniquely personalized.

Every step taken with care. 

Every client feels this way.


Find out for yourself today. 

Get in touch


2155 Leanne Blvd. #101A, Mississauga, ON. L5K 2L6


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