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Wedding style guide

Your personal guide to dressing for your big day

Welcome to the wedding prep guide. This page has everything you need to be ready for your fitting.

Please share this page with all your wedding party guests so they're best ready for fitting day.

1. Style by occasion

It starts by knowing the general style you're going for based on your participation in the wedding. 

Wedding attire often varies by your occasion at the wedding.

Grooms often opt for classic colors such as black, navy, or gray, sometimes with subtle patterns or textures.

Wedding guests have more flexibility in color choices and may opt for a variety of lighter colors depending on the season, venue, and personal style.



The groom typically wears something timeless and elegant, like a tuxedo, or a modern suit in subtle colors.

A tuxedo with peak satin lapels

Some questions to think about

  • Suit or tuxedo?

  • What colours am I thinking? Bold or subtle?

  • Do I want to make a statement, or do I want more versatility for future wears?

  • How do I separate myself as the groom? Am I adding a vest? A tie or bowtie?

How formal do you want to be?

2. The details that capture your spirit

It's always best when you're prepared by knowing what you want based on the type of customizations that exist.

Major customizations (there will be more in person)

These are the main things that sets suits apart. The guide below demonstrates the various customization options across the major categories. 


Major customization comparison

Explore the looks below to discover the look you'll create.

More customizations are decided in person, e.g. Liners, embroidery, etc. 

Gents customizations chart.png

Garment attributes

It's also a great idea to have a general idea of the attributes you will choose for choose for your garments:

- Color (e.g. Navy, Charcoal, Black)

- Pattern (e.g. Subtle, Loud, None)

- Pattern type (e.g. Striped, Checked, Plaid, None)

- Texture (e.g. Silky, wooly, coarse, smooth)

Seasonality (e.g. Summer vs winter)

Image by Vitalijs Barilo
Image by Bernard Hermant

3. Packages

Shopping with multiple people? Our wedding party packages is perfect for a group (4 or more suits)

Custom details, more customization options.

Standard details, basic customization options.

Shopping for just yourself? Discover our individual packages (one set of measurements)

4. Fitting day & beyond

Some recommendations to ensure a perfect fitting day & final garment.

Thin clothing

Opt for thin, form-fitting clothing like a slim-fit T-shirt and slim pants that won't add bulk. Avoid wearing thick sweaters or baggy clothing as they can distort the measurements taken during the fitting.

Know your accessories

Knowing what accessories you'll be wearing helps. Are you wearing laces or loafers? Brown or black (or both for future wears)? Belt should match shoes (you can even go beltless for a true bespoke look). etc.


If you have specific style preferences or inspiration images, bring them along to the fitting. This gives us a better understanding of the look you're aiming for. Feel free to reference this guide as needed.


Bring any questions you might have with you. We are here to ensure a perfect wedding day & a fantastic suit you will love.

Your garments will take 6-7 weeks as a turnaround period, then you will have a final fitting with tailors on-site in case of any alterations needed, offering our perfect fit guarantee.

Final steps

Thank you. We can't wait to be a part of your special day. See you soon!

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