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Ready for work

Your work attire should represent you. No matter the formality of your business, walk in there with a personalized outfit.

Made-to-measure business garments make sure you always look the sharpest in the room, without sacrificing durability.

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Personalization services

All details are factored in when working to build your wardrobe. Even your accessories will pair well with your crafted look.

Gents custom


Garments are customized to each individual, ensuring a perfect fit.

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Accessories can capture one's personality and give the look the final touches.

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Your suits are designed with versatility in mind, ensuring lasting garments.

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Capture your spirit

Let your outfit capture your personality. 


Loud or subtle?

Peak lapel or shawl lapel?

Velvet or satin?

Which pocket square best captures your personality?

The options are endless.

A million ways to make it yours - get in touch today and let's bring it to life. 

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An international wardrobe

We work with fabric mills sourced out of Italy, England, and Turkey, including pure or blends of Cashmere, Wool, Suede, Cotton, Linen, Mohair, Bamboo, and Silk.


All our jackets are Canvased, prolonging the lifespan of the garment.

A wardrobe as exquisite as you are.


Bordeaux Maroon Three Piece
Brown Accents
Hunter Green
Glen Check
Summer Grey
Modern Suiting
Gents Business
Super 150 Electric blue with Brown Accent
Summer Check with Navy Accents
White on maroon
Grey and Maroon Tweed Blend
Super 150 High Yarn Modern Check
Electric Blue Plaid Super 150
Shark Skin Grey
Display with two suits

How it works


Schedule an appointment

Set a time to meet one on one with our style consultants at our showroom storefront. 

Our location is conveniently found near QEW and Erin Mills.


Personalized consultation

At our showroom or your preferred location, choose your fabric through our wide collection, colour, pattern, texture, and everything else with one of our experts.


Measurements taken

A thorough checklist of measurements ensures that your garment is made specifically to your unique dimensions.


An illustrative software enables your posture to be taken into account.



Select the personal features to complete the look you’re going for.


With a large selection of personalizations, your project is one of a kind, as unique as you.


Garment creation

Our turnaround period is:

Standard: 4-6 weeks (depending on priority and group size) 

Rushed: 3 weeks (rush order fee) 

Wedding parties: 6-7 weeks


Garments are made in Turkey, Italy, and England. All our jackets/blazers are hand finished, and half or full canvas.


Perfect fit guarantee

Our experts will point out all details alongside our on-site tailors for any possible alterations.


These adjustments require only a couple of days. Otherwise, your garment is ready to wear out the door!

What people are saying

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An elevated experience of all things luxury

Every detail accounted for.

Every garment uniquely personalized.

Every step taken with care. 

Every client feels this way.


Find out for yourself today. 

Get in touch


2155 Leanne Blvd. #101A, Mississauga, Ontario


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